The feat of Robert Piché under the eye of astrology. By Donat Gagnon.

The FEAT OF ROBERT PICHÉ UNDER THE EYE OF ASTROLOGY (Translated by Denise Chrzanowska)

There are people strongly marked by the signs of destiny, to suggest that life itself will get them sooner or later to represent what they wear. In all areas of human activity, we can find them.

The case of Captain Robert Piché is particularly interesting and representative when examined in the light of astrology. The recent interviews that he has given to the media at the launch of the film devoted to his biography, and the film itself, give the public lighting cues on his life; the public remembers in particular his feat of landing an Air Transat Airbus A330-243 after a glide without engines for 18 minutes over the Atlantic.

The film "Piché between heaven and earth", launched July 7, 2010, reveals a whole course that the aviator recognizes 80% true, leaving only a low 20% for fiction. Through viewing this film, through the biographer Pierre Cayouette (2002) that inspired it and through recent interviews to media, the astrologer has good elements of information to establish connections between the life of Robert Piche and the chart of his birth. The more widely known character of the public therefore facilitates my task of astrologer, and even I feel allowed to expand the scope of interpretation of the chart.

However, my goal is not to prove the value of astrology based on facts reported. The well applied principles of astrology have already surprising results based purely on the coordinates of birth: time, date and place of birth. The various methods of progression of the natal chart can go further to get an idea of the development of fate, but of course this is not enough because there's always the unknown in the chart: what the individual will do of its potential also depends on his free will. A shameless way of living may result in that the individual can spoil good chances of success, while lifestyle choices inspired and supported by wise discipline may enable the individual to realize his potential, which also gives him the effective capacity to convey messages of truth that he bears within. This is a matter of heroism and beauty. The feat of Heroes has the effect of a work of art, a work of beauty by its evocative power of an emotion that reminds the truth. We'll talk this over.

I never met Robert Piché, but the knowledge of his native chart makes him familiar to me. Without knowing the events of the life of an individual, the astrologer can already give "blindly" a good idea of the forces, trends and periods of crisis of an individual.

This exercise, I did it in a short article in 2003, which was published in the Astrospirale (Vol. 18 No.1), while I was responding to a competition for astrologers to analyze the chart of Robert Piché a few months after his feat. Drawing on the details of his birth supplied by the editor of the magazine, I gave an interpretation of his natal chart where I brought out some typical features of his personality, then I demonstrated that the astral signature of Robert Piché exhibited strong ties with major moments of the birth of aeronautics at the dawn of the twentieth century. Therefore, one can view this article as a revised and expanded edition of the paper published in 2003 entitled: "What made Robert Piché August 24, 2001, the aviation hero now crowned ? "

This seemed to me symbolic of the hero naturally justified in this case of a person who assumes the astrological conditions that belong to him, from a perfect stranger to a hero hailed by the community. In 2002, Pierre Cayouette has published a biography: “Robert Piché in control of destiny (Libre Expression, 2002)”, it has inspired the filmmakers now playing. Precisely, this film “Piché between heaven and earth" makes his hero a carrier striking messages about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Our hero would have known a double descent into hell: first during his incarceration in Georgia, then in the year after the emergency landing when he drowned his anxiety or the blues in alcohol. Obviously the latter was not known to the public in 2001, if not of his family who was involved in the tragedy of his soul as illustrated in the film. All this should be explained by the chart.

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Step One: tackling the indices of communication. First, the signs of displacement, are they populated by planets? And the houses that are analogous, are they? This question concerns Gemini and Sagittarius, then the houses III and IX. In Gemini, there is the Moon at 25° 40' on the cusp of his Ninth House. Already two indications together in the house of long distance travel, of the higher mind and of vocation. The Moon speaks of the individual's childhood, the call and conceptions concern the Ninth House. As a child, did he not dream of flying? Moreover, the Moon is the master of Uranus 18° 28' Cancer also in the Ninth House. Yet another indication, weaker this one, but it is important insofar as the Moon, which is the second governor by exaltation of Taurus, has a certain mastery on Jupiter. It looks like a circuit of thought and intention that continues up to Sagittarius which Jupiter rules as it does of its occupants, Venus and Mercury. Even in exile, this Mercury is at ease in Sagittarius, a sign of moral elevation in resonance with the Moon in the House IX. The loop is complete to enrich this Mercury necessary to someone who wants to work in the field of complex communications.

As for Venus in Sagittarius, she rules Jupiter in Taurus. These two planets in mutual reception, exert their combined action in the long term and especially in business contracts (Taurus-House VII and Sagittarius-House II). The individual of this chart had to exert very lesser employment, while retaining the hope of better contracts in aviation. Moreover, this Venus in Sagittarius is a housekeeper of the Ascendant Libra which manages at the service of civil aviation.

Mars is in the definition of basic personality. This planet is at ease in Capricorn, its place of exaltation. There is no doubt that it gives the bearer of the chart, tools to create movement in the environment. Let's move. Support by aspects of Jupiter, Venus, Sun Scorpio, North Node and even Saturn-Uranus, which are part of a T-square, are sure signs of a man of action and decisions, with a temperament expeditious sometimes. Also as governor of Aries, Mars is the master of both houses VI and VII affecting work, contracts and management of personal health. We can therefore say that he is a hard worker and interested in the outcome, especially if he can count on the support of environment (Mars in House III). As the second ruler of Scorpio and master of the second sign of the House I, Mars is somewhat the messenger of the Sun in Scorpio, its standard bearer in the travel sector III. Has Mars suffered too many restrictions or controls on the part of Saturn exalted in Libra, the sign of balance, association and justice? I do not think so, especially as Mars is at ease on the Saturnian ground of Capricorn.

To complete the interpretation of the more personal planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Moon, I would say they are closely linked and aligned with the goal of communication, which took the form of air travel and who are being completed today in verbal communication as a teacher serving a preventive mission, through the introduction of more internalized Mars, Saturn and Uranus. The T-square of these three planets had to force this man to win a discipline to bring the dream and the ideal (Neptune is also part of this) to cope with the difficult and concrete realities. There was so much hope in this chart with Uranus ruling the House IV, located in Cancer in the House IX, Uranus signs the promise of intellectual and moral elevation;  and Leo in the House X, the possible success in a role of teacher. That is what the commander Piché accomplished through performing his public lectures and his foundation to help people suffering from addiction.

If you play the planetary chains and masteries of planets over the signs, you realize that the signs and houses of communication reinforce each other towards one goal: to surpass oneself in flight by the technological resources that allow it and by more subtle means that make aware of what goes beyond the material order.

From this analysis, we understand better the personality of Robert Piché and the astral tendencies which may have inclined him to choose the aviation career. In considering the progressions of the Moon on the set of planets that were ahead, I understood better why he had an inclination for aeronautics at a very young age. Uranus is the first planet that the Moon has transited when he was not two years old yet, the MH followed in 1955, Pluto in 1957. These two planets, the most elevated, surround the Midheaven: Uranus, the planet ruling Aquarius, but also attributed to Scorpio by exaltation, in the House of grand travels and Pluto in the tenth House conjunct the South Node and ruler of the sign of Scorpion in the first house. This shows the importance of these two transpersonal outer planets that mark the child early in life. You would think they act like two antennas luring height. First Uranus, master of Aquarius in House IV, which takes the highest position in this chart or nearest to the meridian, then Pluto in the Tenth which promises a great future for someone born under the sign of Scorpio, with the peculiarity that it is conjoined to the South Node of the Moon. This conjunction Pluto-South Node suggests an attachment with the past and the community. It's like the energies of the past that are stuck to him and with which he must deal. His Sun, master of Pluto and South Node, bring him wisdom and foresight to understand his mission, and the T-square to the Nodes leads to a fate of surpassing oneself. The Tibetans would say that this individual had embraced at birth, a current of energy in which his life would unfold. He will face the challenges posed by the outer planets.

In 1962, at about nine and a half years old, at the age where the Nodes of the Moon are reversed, the Moon transits through progression: Saturn at 20° 58’, Neptune at 22° 14' and the Ascendant at 24° 47' Libra. It is arguable that this child, emerging from the lunar age, has already taken a hit of old age with the passage of the progressed Moon to the most serious planets and most demanding which are used in astrology. Saturn at 20° 58' Libra, its degree of exaltation, calls for the least to a sense of responsibility and discipline it takes to leash a Neptune that applies to the Ascendant and sometimes inclines towards messy and often idealistic approaches. At the same time, this multifaceted Neptune poses too high a requirement for others. Saturn plays the costumed and “ armoured” character that seeks to contain and hide the great sensitivity of Neptune, its openness and its overcoming common points of support. But Neptune does not let itself be imposed. At every opportunity, he resurfaces to raise awareness of crusts and limitations. In the event of a disaster, he seeks and finds an outlet more or less to care for her too keen sensitivity or fragility. Pushed against the wall like Piché has been many times during his stay in a prison in Georgia, he had to call the best motivating forces of his being to survive; we can also think that for a few perilous landings he had done so with smaller planes. It's played between illusion and faith. Neptune brings a disappointment or a providential help. Neptune represents the need to believe, arms stretched to infinity. Self-confidence and faith as a result of spiritual work and grace is what we can expect most of the energy of this planet that insists on dissolving any limitations. In this direction, we encounter the spleen of which the romantics spoke, it faces the vacuum and the night of the mystics who are waiting in anticipation of the event which will have them taste the super-existence. Other, less informed, will think that any drug will give them the anticipated paradise . The use of these substances only give deceptive paradise that bring loss of the initial confidence and cause decay. Imagine that the goal is reached after a few swallows in passing, is the worst illusion that might disrupt the progression of an individual.

Because of the Saturnian guard who watches over Neptune in Libra, I believe that Captain Piché has never lost sight of the sense of responsibility and he was a candidate to take over and put right his own ship. However, the film shows anyway, and so remarkably, the disturbing fragile state in which our hero went. We also saw that the words suitable to the situation and pronounced by a competent therapist can, through the mirror effect created by the speaker, help to orient himself and regain confidence in a painful pass. "You've got to do for yourself the equivalent of what you did to land your plane”, decisive word pronounced by the therapist who helped Piché to support his new mission to fight against drug addiction. A new choice of life offered him a perfect fit. But the moment of crisis or shift in his psyche had to be extremely tragic since his "ego", represented by the Ascendant Libra's birth chart, was to throw down the masks and lose its scales. From that moment, our hero could take the path to its own solar zodiacal sign Scorpio, which becomes Eagle, and sacrifice honourably his illusory ego by putting it at the serving of a great cause. This sacrifice has nothing tragic when you realize that identity change is a benefit to others as much as to yourself. All in all, this new commitment could encourage a greater accomplishment to be. The new Scorpio Ascendant on the degree of the Sun of Robert Piché transforms his, Saturn, Neptune and "Ascending ego” Libra, in response tools typical of House XII, to help relieve the destitute, the sick and prisoners by traditional meanings of this house.

Of course, this mission continues in parallel with his career as an aviator. With Leo in House X, this individual was called to shine in different ways, in aviation, but also in the study of serious and fundamental questions as suggests Pluto in mutual reception with the Sun.

The most interesting is coming. For the study of this chart took me back to the origin of aviation. Pluto conjunct South Node put me on the track. But where to find oneself in the past? In research and developments of aviation of course. I explored this path by relying on facts marking the dawn of the twentieth century. I was interested as much in the progress of aviation than in the search of its launch date. I assumed that assemblies of facts should lead me to identify a significant date corresponding. I took for granted that the date and the facts of aviation should be mutually confirmed. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis seemed particularly designated and highlighted Mercury and Jupiter. For this reason, consideration of ingresses of Jupiter in the signs should be considered in order to find a rhythm on an annual basis, of the progress of aeronautics. But as it should be limited and stay in the axis of this section, we will excuse to postpone the publication of such research.

Based on our previous demonstration, Uranus was making of Robert Piché a potential aviator, I would say more, predestined? This planet is present in novelties in general and in technological inventions in particular. When we remember the exploits of the first men who tried to acquire mastery of the sky at the dawn of the twentieth century, we see ingenious technicians and those called the "daredevils" who sometimes threw themselves down a cliff to test their assumptions built to sail rather risky. Their machines cobbled together, they tried to fly often exposing themselves to accidents. However, the competition between inventors and their personal pride in the eyes of their respective nations, have accelerated the conquest of the carrying aerofoil. But all good astrologer will ask: what are the astrological conditions that have fostered momentum for the mastery of the air space? Immediately, you think of Mars for technique and for this kind of extreme sport that requires muscle and daring; then Uranus for innovation in such a Promethean ambition. These people dreamed of exceeding the limits of the known. Maybe at night, the mythical god Uranus whispered in their ear: go higher! As of Jupiter, the master builder, one imagines him inviting everyone to go further! Does not the diagonal arrow of Sagittarius combine the horizontal and vertical movements? What about Robert Piche?

In his natal chart, we see Mars, ruler of his solar sign, exalted in Capricorn and camped on a fairly Martian degree; it is strongly aspected by Jupiter trine, by the Lunar Nodes, by Venus, the Sun, Saturn Neptune conjunct, and especially by the opposition of Uranus in Cancer. Here it is the aspect of daredevils, one that makes fans of extreme sports. There would be a search to continue by revisiting these genius adventurers of this period of remarkable inventions in the early twentieth century. But here we must confine ourselves to the case of Piché.

How to confirm that aviation was the path laid out for our hero?

The answer is at the beginning of aviation and its development, have we said? But we cannot build everything on facts. Those are interesting to illustrate the manifestation of a principle, but first we must understand the principle. In astrology, the principle is represented by the chart set up for a date, the facts are usually seen as the manifestation of some potentialities of this chart. We work with comparisons of charts and we take into account the planetary cycles. The cycles vary in length, which can distinguish the facts daily, monthly, yearly and on longer term. With its duration, aviation suggests that it is part of a cycle of long duration. Therefore, to identify the current aviation, we must first find the conjunction of planets that start a great cycle. With the chart of such a conjunction, we can then make comparisons with charts made with avionics and airmen, such as Robert Piché. Some dates to locate the time of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction. On 1st June 1890, Neptune was going towards Pluto at 2° orb of distance; at the same date the following year, Neptune applied to Pluto 0° 47’ orb. On 1st June 1892, Pluto passed Neptune 0° 26' longitude. It was during the following years that research on the aircraft began to bear fruit. The year 1898 is when we have ascertained that the mastery of the airspace was possible with vehicles heavier than air. At that time, there were no planes yet, but there were already many flying people who could master the sailing and gliding. No need to name them, we can know their history in the many literary stories and video you can see. As for the balloons, we had experienced them since the sixteenth century. In the late nineteenth century, the era of airships had begun.

We can already make some links in aeronautics with commander Piché. I wrote in 2003: "When there was loss of engines in flight of the Airbus A330-243, had his plane not become a sort of glider that was one with himself?” This also was suggested by Pierre Cayouette in the biography he devoted to him. And I added: "By taking the firm decision to land his aircraft and defying all the odds of failure, he braved the impossible and entered in a state of trance allowing him to do actions perfectly adapted to the situation. It is possible that individuals who have a strong signature of outer planets experience this kind of condition that increases their ability to deal calmly extreme dangers. We see it in Heroes."

Great Neptune-Pluto conjunction of the April 30, 1892.

It has been alluded at a few times without showing the reference chart. To begin, I would say that the cycle of conjunction of these two planets is 492 years. According to many astrologers, including Irene Andrieu, the conjunction of these planets marks the start of a new model of civilization. As the meeting took place in Gemini, we immediately think of the means of communication of all kinds.

To choose the precise moment when the conjunction is effective tortured many astrologers. In fact, the precise conjunction occurs more than once during the merger of the two planets; the conjunction is formed and is undone because of direct and retrograde motion of planets. The planets  progress in close tandem a long time. We must therefore agree on the time to remember that would be most appropriate for the launch of a new era of civilization. A sizeable group of astrologers has agreed to retain the date of April 30, 1892, 1 hour 54 GMT (London). This date and time are those of the last conjunction in direct motion and accurate to the minute. It is thus precise for 23 hours approximately. Other astrologers have suggested other dates earlier than the latter, while the two planets had quite important orbs. Their assumptions wanted it so. Our choice for 1 hour 54 minutes GMT may seem arbitrary still, but I recall that it is closest to the conjunction and it is most interesting in the light of the history of aviation. The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius are aligned in the vertical axis, an important parameter for the assessment of destiny. The position of Aquarius in the Ascendant is not bad because it invites the planet Uranus, which is the highest in the chart and plays an important role in innovation and technological revolution. The few examples already brought in this article suggest that this model is operational. To me, it does not forbid to choose another time when the conjunction is still accurate to the minute when it comes to another field of interest or activity. For example, at 4 hours 38 minutes 51 seconds, the Sun in London is to raise at 10° 17' Taurus. It's very interesting to judge the materialistic age but less to talk about aviation itself, although it may bring it in the materialist model. Moreover, we can also say that modern communications have completely transformed the lifestyles. Here is the chart chosen for 1:54 GMT:

The astrological chart illustrated below shows a conjunction of Neptune-Pluto at 7º41’ on the natal Part of Fortune of the Commander Piché, in Gemini in the House III, conjunct the House IV.

La grande conjonction Neptune-Pluton

Also in Gemini, the Moon is at 23° 56' followed by Venus at 25° 38'. The vertical axis at 8° 30' Gemini-Sagittarius is that of communications we have spoken about. The Lunar Nodes at 16° 58' Taurus-Scorpio and the planets we did not mention all have a relative importance in comparison of charts with workers and events of aeronautics. We have already made such comparisons in the preceding pages. In my research, I noticed that the sign of Pisces appeared in the series of unfortunate events with airships; yet we see the signs of Pisces and Virgo intercepted in Houses I and VII, two signs that are square the Great Conjunction. From these accidents, we have learned security lessons that must be rigorously applied.
The next chart of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction, is done for the city of Quebec; the time is adjusted on the lunar degree of the natal chart of Robert Piché. Twenty-three hours fifty minutes, in Quebec, is equivalent to 4 hours 50 minutes AM in London. This rather unusual way of doing does not detract from the conjunction because the two planets are progressing in tandem on the same longitude minutes during 23 hours. Such an arrangement could also be done with Venus, by having our Hero born 3 minutes earlier, his birth Moon would be at the same minute as Venus (25° 38') of the Neptune-Pluto Great Conjunction. In this case, the MH in Quebec City would be at 11° 33' in Scorpio. The decision to link the two charts by Venus is relevant, first because the two planets at two minutes of orb are already in conjunction, then because Venus rules the Ascendant and is dispositor of Jupiter in Taurus. The two planets in mutual reception favour Sagittarius, Taurus and the Libra Ascendant of Robert Piché.


This chart is equivalent to 4:50 minutes in London, 10 minutes and a half after sunrise. A possible chart adjusted on the degree of Venus would be 4H:46. One or the other put the Sun of Robert Piché near its MH thereof. So, as well stick to what we have before us. This chart makes Robert Piché, a chosen one from destiny of aviation by the fact that his natal Sun at 12° 56' Scorpio is superimposed on the degree of the MH of the Great Conjunction set according to his birthplace in Quebec, MH which is 12° 19' Scorpio, April 29, 1892 at 23 hours 50 minutes East. His natal Sun on the highest point of the chart of the Great Conjunction called this man to success and fame. But one cannot triumph alone, it comes with daily work and the mastery of tools. He said in such words: "I did my job, I have applied a routine.” The Moon in House VII speaks of his application to the task. Ultimately, I do not pretend that the Great Conjunction set for Quebec City replaces the more general one set for London, except that drawing it up for Quebec City highlights the role of commander Piché in aviation. I think we could use the same means to locate any other pilot in the Great Conjunction. If an adjustment from close planets fails, we would refocus the map of the Great Conjunction according to a new MH corresponding to the natal degree of the natal Sun of the pilot. After all, it is the pilots that make up aviation; without them, there is no more profession (MH).

The central chart of this double wheel is that of the previous chart, while the second wheel is the natal chart of Robert Piché. On the first chart, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus are retrograde. This Mercury retrograde in the chart of the Great Conjunction calls for caution in the purchase of transport vehicles, at least take precautions in their purchase and maintenance. As drawn for Quebec, the same chart benefits Robert Piché but also the world of aviation. The two Suns were met by the vertical axis, favouring companies that hire aviator Piché and the promotion of the latter, because of the dominance of his Sun. The central wheel of the Great Conjunction indicates his long-term potential, while the outer wheel (the second) represents the individual or individuals who are part of his energy flow, and embody the elements of this potential. For example, on the outer wheel, Robert Piché brings his experience and his protection by Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius in House XI (knowledge and protection). The surrounding of the Ascendant (the left horizontal line) by Mars and Chiron strengthens the already powerful Mars of the Great Conjunction of 1892. In addition, the chart drawn for the City of Quebec shows Mars in the first house, while the latter is in the twelfth in the same chart for London. The chart set up for Quebec also told me, by the twelfth in Sagittarius, there may be accidental events in aviation, but that an aviator born in Quebec could possibly overcome some of them (Mars in the 1st). Jupiter of R. Piché on the North Node of this Great conjunction engages forward, offers hope where there is missing, gives associative capabilities to its passengers and fellow airline pilots. He joined the 64,000 pilots who celebrated his achievement in Washington.

As the Solar Return of his year 2000 anniversary (not shown here) lets us see, with an annual Ascendant in Scorpio, the axis of the signs of communication is intercepted in the axis of Houses I-VII and the Moon in the Fourth (bottom sky) in Pisces tells Robert Piché and the world of aviation, of a rough and overwhelming year. Many pilots felt insecure due to the movement of purchase and sale of airline companies. This chart with Pisces-Virgo on the vertical axis reminds me that these signs had such alignments in airship accidents and that these two signs were intercepted in the chart of the Neptune-Pluto Great Conjunction, drawn for London. Moreover, the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, 18 days after the emergency landing, has provoked a major crisis within the world of air.

To go up the slope and improve the image of the aerospace workforce was not an easy task. But for me, it is clear that the achievement of the commander Piché, despite his temporary "burnout", has helped to raise the moral confidence of the pilots. I'm reading, seeing Saturn, Neptune and the Ascendant of his natal chart take a position in the House IX of the central chart (first), which expresses the higher mind, faith, conviction and design, especially more significant here because Neptune represents the need to believe and Saturn the need to understand rationally. With time and experience, he had been capable to develop certain ideas and clarify his views vis-à-vis his professional colleagues, as suggested by the planets in House IX and in the House VII: Uranus, Pluto, as well as MH and the South Node. Then, the combination of the two moons on the two charts attached him naturally from childhood, with the world of aviation. The two suns aligned with the vertical meridian promised him some alliance with destiny.

The opposition of natal Mars and Uranus in Robert Piché is not easy to live with and raises strong emotions, the taste for extremes and sometimes severings. Luckily these two planets were well aspecting his natal Sun. Keeping them in mind, he was able to control their potential excesses. In addition, the Saturn-Neptune conjunction at the apex of a T-square invited him to excel. These two planets are contradictory forces: Saturn structures, Neptune wants to dissolve. Without Saturn standing by, Neptune could have made him a fragmented personality who cannot put himself together. However,  Neptune could maintain a good degree of confidence. It is in this T square that were at play the biggest challenges of his life. Another "coincidence" of the most surprising: The average Dark Moon (Lunar Apogee) of the Great Conjunction is 20° 55', that is to say practically on the natal Saturn of Piché at 20° 58' Libra ; to add the icing on the cake, the true Dark Moon of the Great Conjunction is at 22° 20' while Piché’s natal Neptune is 22° 14'. Inevitably, there are several subtle links between this man and aviation? Here, the black moons could make a mark or an Apollinian glamor to his personality, his costume showing it off. Finally, we can understand that 2001 will have allowed to reopen and heal some wounds.

The landing of August 24, 2001 at 6:45 am at the Lajes airport in the Portuguese island of Terceira (Azores).

Landind of August 24 2001

At the stage of this writing (August 3, 2010), I discovered for the first time and I have read an interview Robert Piché granted to Luc Bouchard of Selection Magazine. I was taken by a question of Luc Bouchard: "And how about luck in all this? "- In response, Captain Piché suggests that he did not consider himself a hero, but rather that "(he) has just the impression of having been spared that night. All factors were present for the device to reach the island. I do not mean the landing of the plane, that is my job. I mean the fact of reaching the island, which has nothing to do with my skills or my experiences. It was, he said, that the stars were really well aligned, so that we were able to come out unscathed this  way. Do I have a lucky star or a guardian angel? Would another pilot have been so lucky? " (Http://

The reader must have noticed that is the question that I am digging from the beginning of this article and that answering it is something quite complex but potentially achievable, while leaving room for the imponderable. In the analysis of the previous chart, I said that Robert Piché brought his experience and protection to the company for which he works and, in turn, to its customers, which are the passengers, is not it? To me, protection is more than luck. The protection is closer to the image of the good star or the guardian angel, it is also access to deep resources in these circumstances where the ego is forgotten. The story of the extraordinary brings along a lot of cases where people had the impression of being guided in a mysterious way to avoid catastrophe. In the case of Mr. Piché, the mere fact of having kept his composure at the helm of the aircraft is in itself a miracle. Such self-control in the worst conditions is carried out by men who are aware of the tragic and that is a quality we encounter often in people with the sign of Scorpio. With them, the big things get better, little things bother them.

The chart we have before us shows the planetary positions seen from Earth during the landing on the island of Terceira, in the Azores, while having crossed two thirds of the Atlantic, at 6:45 AM GMT. I thought to better reflect the situation, we must also consider the space-time covered between the discovery of the failure and the landing at Lajes airport. An hour forty-seven minutes earlier, when the pilots became aware of the fault, the orientation of the sky was somewhat different. Taking into account the movement of the sky around the Earth during this period, we see that the Ascendant had increased by 1° 24' at 25° 09' Leo. However, at I° 07' of that sign, there is precisely Piché’s MH, the starting point of his House X, that of the profession, success, summit of destiny or radiance from the person. This means that the movement of the Ascendant during the flight while in fault covered 23° 45' arc in the House X in Leo, that it transited the native South Node (17° 10') and Pluto (23° 11') before ending its run with the landing (ASC Leo at 25° 09'). The fact that the Ascendant of the time of onset of the blackout peaked on Piché’s MH benefited his mental state. However, astrologically speaking, the travelers had reason to be worried, because planets in houses of termination, as Uranus in Eighth House, the Moon in fall in the fourth house and master of the Twelfth, Venus, Jupiter and North Node in the Twelfth  had a lot to yawn to death. The passengers must have felt like prisoners at the stake. Without the special state of grace of Piché, this plane would have alighted or landed in pieces.

Here is the chart that includes three phases: 1) the birth chart of Robert Piché in the central wheel, 2) the chart of the occurrence of the failure, the second wheel, and 3) the chart of the landing, third wheel.

Robert Piché          Onset of fault  …………… Landing

There are other factors that are present in this perilous episode of the journey. The Sun at 1° 11' Virgo is also in the House X in the natal chart of Commander Piché. There remains for the Sun only three days to reach the true natal dark moon and the invisible Door of the midpoint Uranus / Saturn, a suffering lot which engulfs the agonizing memories of life. His biography reveals that journalists and some “friendly” blowers have played their role to reopen old wounds. Overall, despite some hostile interventions, the emergency landing sign the birth certificate for glory or fame. In his Complete Handbook of Scientific and Traditional Astrology (NICLAUS Publishing, 1967), the astrologer Hades publishes the list of symbols for degrees, inspired by Hindu astrology. From 12° to 13° of Scorpio: "A large solitary tower perched atop a rock." It gives the symbolic expression, the following comment : " Strong and independent character, he will be an example for many. Higher position. " So when we are called to glory, as well be worthy.

Did the reader note that the Moon applied towards the natal Sun of Piché (12° 56’) during this memorable trip and it has crossed this degree while landing (12° 05')? Without the Sun’s proximity of Commander Piché, this Moon, become master of the twelfth House, could have meant a more serious disaster. The remaining gap of 51' of arc was crossed by the Moon in the next two hours.

If you progress the Midheaven of the event, the same way we did with the Ascendant, you see that the MH of the dramatic period of flight TS-236 has transited the natal Jupiter in the Seventh House of Robert Piché, transit that can help to understand why this pilot was given entirely to the group of passengers to drive them safely at their destination. At the beginning of this article, we said that Jupiter was master of Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius (one of the most important signs of Aeronautics), that Venus was master of his personal Ascendant and of his planets in Libra, that Mercury was master of the Twins and ruled the Moon in House IX. Overall, the transit of MH on the position of Jupiter (16° 19' retrograde in Taurus) in the birth chart of our pilot added efficiency to that Mercury in Sagittarius.

Mercury, we must also say, is the master of the Sun in Virgo during the dramatic period of this flight and successful landing despite a major breakdown. The management of the details is also an attribute of the Virgin, details that are important in advanced technologies. Among other details of the flight, it was necessary to calculate precisely the rate of descent altitude and speed down the runway at Lajes. The co-pilot, Dirk De Jager,  took charge eagerly  with calculations and communication with airports. As to the pilot, he saw to save his height (the "gas") and to maintain a reasonable speed to keep control of the aircraft in flight without an engine, to the landing site 120 km away. There was no chance of recovery.

The sequence of favourable astrological relationships in the same man allowed him to dominate with courage and intelligence, an accidental event caused by the failure of a fuel line. I do not see in the chart of captain Piché astrological factors that could have caused the defect, even more it shows that he was in top shape and means during the flight. I would add that Mars and Pluto, transiting in Sagittarius, could very well affect the world of aviation, which was confirmed with the attack on World Trade Center. However, the two thrones of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, are beneficial tools for someone born under this zodiac sign. Their transit in the environment of Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius of the natal chart of Piché brought in the circumstances, sustained attention and voluntary concrete actions to protect the customer of the flight of Air Transat (Sagittarius in tenth and eleventh houses in the chart of the Neptune-Pluto Grand  conjunction of April 30, 1892). By the way, I also wish to recall that in the field of air, safety of aircraft depends on a very high level of preventive measures. The Mercury retrograde of the Great conjunction is a warning sign to comply. It is possible that those responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft have failed in something in the engine change, 67 flight hours before the accident. But it could also be a design flaw in the ducts that feed the engine kerosene and oil that is the cause of the crash. A hydraulic oil hose could have caused the wearing away by chafing against the kerosene pipe. The company Airbus has made a recall campaign to correct what may be called a design flaw.

Some pilots thought they could do better. Anyway, there was a failure, no one knew what it was, and gauges for pressure and temperature gave conflicting readings difficult to interpret. After the fact, it's easy to say ...! But the landing itself, what percentage of pilots have passed the test in the flight simulator? They say only 20%, while they had the advantage of knowing that this big plane landing was possible after a glide of 120 km without engine ... because Captain Piche had accomplished the feat. In addition, they were not in the same stress conditions than it was with people aboard the plane. In one case we take the lives of 306 people; in the flight simulator that exercise questions the competence of the driver.

The repeated observation of the outer planets in many people and especially with Robert Piché convinced me that these planets are very important especially when they are near the cardinal antennas. A first example, the fact that Uranus and Pluto surround MH is a challenge for the individual who must sooner or later involve his destiny to that of a collective trend, which in this case takes the form of aviation. A second application, the Neptune of the natal chart of Robert Piché applies to a  conjunction to the Ascendant Libra. This planet, called transpersonal, just colours the basic temperament usually defined by the fast-moving planets, called personal. The planet Neptune has the particularity to give a very high degree of sensitivity and overall perception. The trine from Neptune to the Moon in Gemini-House IX was able to raise a positive sense of perception of Robert Piché in extreme situations he encountered.

What we can learn from planetary progressions Naibod
This method of planetary progression adds a few ingredients to this generous dish. The progressed Sun of R. Piché had entered in the eleventh house of the chart of the Great Conjunction since six years. According to this Sun, Robert Piché was elected to provide protection somewhere in the world of aviation. His Jupiter in progressed Naibod was conjunct progressed North Node of the Great Conjunction and at one degree of the natal Sun of the Great Conjunction. It must also be said that the three moons, that of the  Great Conjunction, the one of its progression and the Moon's natal chart of Piché, met all three of them between 22° 21' Gemini and 25° 40’ of the same sign. The progressed chart of Commander Piché favoured aviation obviously and the flight of August 24 in particular. His progressed Ascendant in Sagittarius and Mercury in the MH, his planets and the nodes well located in the axis I-VII indicate this unambiguously. Even the progressed Sun in the House XI favoured the Ascendant Aquarius of the Great Conjunction. Strange, is not it, that so many astronomical and astrological data as closely meet over a period of 108 years five months? The three-wheeled map below is the one we have just commented:

Conj Nept-Pluto  Conj Nep-Plut-Prog—Robert Piché Prog

It is enough to understand that there are many things closely connected in this world, that universal interaction is an important law of spatio-temporal and of psychic worlds. Feeling the energies and living them to their level of intensity is both a burden and a blessing. This is not something we're looking for, but an essence which "is" and that "we accept to live." I think that Robert Piché has experienced something of this nature, judging by the last chapter entitled  “In open heart" of his book updated and expanded in a new edition in 2010. It was after writing the above that I read this chapter in which he speaks of his ability to have a global seizure of elements of a situation. That is about what I stated a few paragraphs above. This book, written by Pierre Cayouette, is a well documented life of Robert Piché along with the events of the emergency landing. It has largely inspired the film. It is worth reading: Pierre Cayouette, Robert Piché at the helm of fate, Free Expression, Mtl, 2010, 278 pages.

Watching the movie the first time I felt emotions and surprises, and I wondered why so many minutes were given to prison events of Coastal State Prison Tattnall, Georgia, USA? On the second viewing, I appreciated more, because I understood that the exposure of his escapades and his journey had their place in the film to raise awareness of human and social tragedies, and to give off his project to help people with addictions. It is a film with a message that stirs our frailties and our cowardice and brings hope to overcome them.

In conclusion:
The new mission which the aviator embraced, is largely dependent on his Neptune in Libra, which makes him sensitive to legal issues and the prison world. Neptune in Libra and in the XII th House in terms of solar and spiritual theme, have something to do with his plans for the rehabilitation of prisoners, with the release of the man from "prisons" of all kinds. It's a plan that resembles a spiritual  Neptunian model. It could be that the upcoming entry of Neptune in Pisces and transit of Saturn in Libra for the next 2-3 years, bring opportunities most favourable to the realization of his project in laws and in treatment of addictions . Bravo for his exploits and projects! I wish him the best. His humanitarian projects need the support of many.
The mystery of the unspoken words covers the complexity of the saying! The astrologer can climb the chain (or canvas) of a destiny, but it is the individual experience that sets the weft (or embroidery) that leaves the icon appear in the colors of a rainbow.

Donat Gagnon

August 28th 2010, on 9:54